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Our Company has 2 fiber leased line connections that are on completely separate fiber paths using 2 separate vendor managed switches. These two switches connect to our Core Switch. I want to find a way to load balance these leased line connections. 1...

Hey all, Not sure I am posting this in the right spot so sorry if im not. New here. My problem is this, and I hope someone can provide me a solution cause its driving me crazy. I'm new to security but am trying to learn. I have a ASA 5510. V8.2(5). I...

Lycurgus. by Beginner
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I have a layer 2 network configure for multicast traffic. 1. I have two switches --3750.   Switch1 is the core switch and switch 2 is trunked from switch 1. 2. the multicast server is connected to switch 2 via and access port in a vlan...Lets say vla...

Drew by Beginner
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I recently started helping out at a small business where everything was installed and setup before I arrived. The issue I am having is forwarding all requests for ip: which is not on the same network to which is on the sa...

stcsmi231 by Beginner
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When "vlan dot1q tag native" command is enabled on Cisco 3750E router, the LACP PDUs are getting tagged with native vlan and being sent out of the ether channel ports which is against the LACP IEEE RFC which states that LACP PDUs are always untagged....

Hi, has anybody had any problem with 3650 and connecting to use the express setup? the quick guide says to put into express mode and use ip for switch, the problem is the switch doesn't give out that range dhcp it is, the manual is ...

t.oliver1 by Beginner
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Please forgive what I'm sure is a simple question. I am new to CISCO products and am starting from scratch. In my endeavors to obtain my CCNA I am looking to buy hardware from ebay. If I need to update the IOS and\or firmware, is this something   tha...

Hello,  I have a Cisco 2960S switch,  presently I have a multimode fiber uplink plugged in to it.  base 1000sx , GBIC ,SPF port. can I add  another uplink using Single Mode Fiber , and will they run at the same time on this switch?

Hi I notice some of HSRP configuration does not have hsrp number. Please see the below config. What is difference between having number and no number ? Thank you interface Vlan3 ip address standby ip standby prio...

eigrpy by Enthusiast
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