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Hi All, am i right when i say a Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X is a layer 3 switch that will allow me to apply one access-list inbound and one  outbound at the same time per vlan Many Thanks

billybong by Beginner
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Hy,Please help with the following config:Site ASW 3850 ip routingvlan1 (data) (voice) (thin clients) videoint gi1/0/47 + gi1/0/48 HSRP GW ip route 0.0.0....

Dear all I need to block port 5061 TCP for a number of users.When i want to do this in a 2960 switch and i want to apply it gives the error  %ERROR: Port-based ACLs are not supported with this image my ACL is:access-list 100 deny tcp any any eq 5061a...

Hi, I have three vlans that would like to configure not to access each vlan users to other. VLan 116-117 users can't access to vlan 118 and vice versa.Can you help me build the configs. Here is the config i am working. I am still creating vlan access...

pmtu is 1472. I am sending ping without -M option(ping -s 2000 The first packet, expectedly gives me "need to frag" error. The echo reply for second packet has this:10:44:32.424610 00:00:5e:00:01:00 > 02:1e:4f:09:a6:8e, ethertype IPv4 (...

Sh HH by Beginner
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HiDoes anyone know if the CWDM optics are supported on the 3850-12S or 3850-24S switches (i.e. 12 or 24 SFP ports) - on the fixed SFP ports? On the SFP compatibility matrix it only lists compatibility for the C3850-NM-4-1G module. It looks like the c...

Hello guys, I have 2 lines below on my Cisco router, I just wanted to confirmthat i understand it right. ip route 10ip route 20 if my traffic hit this router then its outbound next hop would be as tha...

tinhnho123 by Explorer
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Hi,I have to shut down all campus Cat 6500 due to a power maintenance activity. In the past I have seen many issues with SUP cards on power cycle; sometimes they don't come up at all. I am trying to find a way to manually disable power on Secondary S...

S891 by Explorer
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I have to enable multicast on the campus network. My network mainly consists of 6500s in Access and Distribution/Core on IOS 12.2(33)SXJ6 code. Some of the multicast traffic will be within vlan while some inter-vlan. There is no specific vlan for sou...

S891 by Explorer
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