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error on C3560X switch

i just upgrade my office network with 2 new cisco C3560X layer 3 switch yesterday.this morning, i discover alot of the following error when I do a sh logging%AAA-3-ACCT_LOW_MEM_UID_FAIL: AAA unable to create UID for incoming calls due to insufficient...

yeow_km by Beginner
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Hi,Iam working on GNS3 . i have been training myself and worked on basic routing IGP protocols like RIP, OSPF in packet tracer. But till now i have studied the basic part of  BGP and how it works...I want to go through a pratical session on it..can s...

receive flow state logs on nexus 5K

Hi,We have a nexus 5548 (  ver 5.2(1)N1(1b) ). acting as core. there are servers connected to this in different vlans.Often , we see following messages in nexus switch. The connections sometimes drop & regain after sometime.eth101/1/11 operational Re...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Cisco 2911 Router Setup

Hello ExpertsI am novice in the routers/networking domain, I need your valuable inputs in setting up our new Cisco 2911 router. As per the basic configuration guide I have attached the router with USB cable to one of my Windows 2008 server and instal...

srikar007 by Beginner
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vPC, Bridge Assurance & Loop Guard

Can someone please assist in recommending the best method of configuring a vPC Network with Spanning-Tree.Earlier Design documents recommend running Bridge Assurance between Nexus switches.A more updated document (March 2013) recommends Not running B...

Resolved! Summary Advertisement in VTP

1. What is the code for an "Summary Advertisement" whereas it is 0x03 for 'Advertisement Request'2. Can someome please expain about the followers field in a 'Summary Advertisement' ? What does it holds?I understood that inthis way:It tells the receiv...

internal power supply cisco 2960

Good day to all.I have 3 switches that are not working anymore (2960) after checking i found out that the internal power supply is broken.this power supply is a lose unit you can easly take it out.Does someone knows where i can buy new ones ? or is i...

UDLD aggressive configuration

                   We have an issue/query with UDLD operations across a MAN.  UDLD aggressive works as it should to error disable the ports on one of the etherchannel links where there is a problem in the Telco's MAN. However if we then manually brin...

rtarrant by Beginner
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Resolved! ACL doesn't seem to work

Hello, Please see the attached diagram. The people who own our building have a  few VLAN's on our switches. The vlans in the circles belong to them. I  have setup some ACL's so that any devices in these VLAN's can  communicate with each other. EG a d...

2960x stacking confusion

Hi all, I am getting confused in understanding 2960x stacking1) What is meant by a ring ? i mean if i connect 2 switches together with a single stack cable, will that be a ring ? or half ring ? 2) How 80 gbps stacking bandwidth is calculated ?       ...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have applied Dual IP SLA for Tracking and auto switching of internet link between 2 ISP's. If ISP A is down all traffic diverted to ISP B and vice versa.My question is how can i check history of links switching or IPSLA switching using routers c...

HSRP standby router

Hello,If we have three routers in HSRP i.e. one is active, second is standby and third is listen.If the standby router goes down with active being up and operational, will the third router become new standby?Thanks        

zafar_118 by Beginner
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