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Hi,I have 3 WS-C3750X-48PF-S stacked together with an SFP module connected to Sw1 as Gi1/1/1 and the another SFP module connected at SW2 as Gi2/1/1. I have configured i---Posted by WebUser Orlando Ramos from Cisco Support Community App

Hello everyone,I ran into this issue, where my stack logs the error every minute or so:%PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-4-PRIO_CONFLICT: Switch 1's power stack has conflicting power prioritiesThis is stack of 5x 3750Xs running c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2.bi...

forman102 by Level 1
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Good day!just recently upgraded the firmware of srw2024p business series switch to Sx200_FW_1.3.2.02.roswhen i open my switch through my browser using the default user and password (user:admin, password:admin) the switch rejected it, it seems that th...

Hi Guys,Want to know your thoughts and Cisco best practises.We currently have remote offices VPNing back to HQ and is working fine but one of the office wants to get a leased line directly into HQ.How can I extend a VLAN over the leased line? what do...

Hi need help. if i have CISCO 3750X-12S WITH MODULE GLC-SX MMD on building A and building B WS-C2960-8TC-L WITH UPLINK MODULE 1000BASE-SX can i still connect with out a problem using MMF? suggestion much appreciated, many thanks

Hi all,I am currently working on a campus redesign for a large site for one of our businesses. The design I am working on ia made up of an access layer (PC's servers, etc) an aggregation layer to provide an aggregation point in each of the large buil...

HiWhen I am configuring my Cisco 1900 router for SNMPv3 ( migrating from snmp v2 to v3), the router is still sending SNMPv2 traps.SNMPv2 configsnmp-server community STRING ROsnmp-server community public ROsnmp-server trap-timeout 180snmp-server enabl...

hello. good day.. i check already at the datasheet and makes me confuse, The Product is CISCO  3750X-12S Fiber Switch.. its says it is  a fiber switch do i need to use a module on that 12 port or i just plug in my LC connector on the port no need for...

Hi,I have been reading about oversubscription rates in certain documents, but i cant get an exact idea what does it mean.What exactly does it indicate when we say oversubscription rate is 1:2 or so.It would be helpful if this can be explained to get ...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi team,We having ASR 1000 model router in our office,recently it is reload automattically ASR  uptime is 4 minutes Uptime for this control processor is 6 minutes System returned to ROM by reload at 10:38:58 IST Wed Mar 20 2013 System restarted at 1...

AK002 by Level 1
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Hi TeamWe have Stack of  catalyst 3750 switches ( WS-C3750X-48T-S) running software 15.0(2)SE1.One of the switch in stack crashed and the users stopped getting connectivity.Reloading this switch,retained the network connectivity.The switch crashed wi...

sameermunj by Level 1
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