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I am having 2950 Cisco switch.  After completing the boot process LAN Ports are working for few minutes afterwards Ports are going into Orange Signal Mode.                  

Hi,I have one Cisco WS-C2960-24PC-L switch which stop working. (not responding - probably power supply)I try to open TAC case but I am unable since this year we (still) did not accepts Cisco SmartCare.So is ther any other way? Pleas can somebody guid...

Hi All,I'm having problem copying IOS image from Cisco 2960s Switch Flash to TFTP server.My switch Vlan 1 IP is laptop IP is can Ping from Pc to Switch and Switch to PC as well.Windows 7 and tftp32 server I'm usingIts givin...

Hello- I am planning to implement DHCP Snooping on our Catalyst 4510's and would like to clarify a couple questions. I have attached a net diagram of the gear involved, cat4510's etherchanneled to a pair of ASA5585's, then upstream to a vpc pair of N...

Hi all,I try to connect a AP3502 to WLC 5508 7.3 the AP obtain @ip of WLC, but no more than that.The dhcp server is hosted to WLCthe WLC server is configurerd with 1 interface Mgt with AP dynamique mode...If you have a idea....Best regards

I have a cisco 3560E switch setup with LACP, when using LACP i receive alot of packet loss / output dropsWhen a ping from the server behind LACP:--- google.com ping statistics ---44 packets transmitted, 39 received, 11% packet loss, time 42990msany i...

netalia99 by Level 1
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My question concerns the "stacking" of L2 un-managed switches.Is there a rule-of-thumb that defines the maximum number of un-managed L2 switches that may be stacked in serial fashion?Can you refer me to a document that may define the "Best Practices"...

DenisHenn by Level 1
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Dear Cisco Support Team,We are working on a design to propose 100 IP Cameras in a Factory environment. The customer has raised a concern regarding reliability and availability of Switches when all of its 24 ports or 48 ports are connected with IP Cam...

Well i configured VPN between two Gateways (ASA & Router 2900)Site  A Gateway (Cisco ASA) Public IP : 86.xx.XX.XXSite B Gateway (Cisco Router) Public IP : 196.xx.xx.xxSite A INternal Lan : B INternal LAN :   Site-A,...

I am trying to setup round robin to multiple out of band (not inline) proxy servers via PBR.  Here is what I have...route-map websense permit 11match ip address WSSset ip next-hop                   Will this allow for Round Ro...

dhopper82 by Level 1
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Hi,Have you seen MAC tagged frames with BPDU ?Normally, the tag is unuseless because these MAC frames are not relayed to another port in a switch. They are directly processed by a sublayer client of the MAC sublayer.Thanks for your words,Michel      ...

hostettle by Level 1
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