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Hi I got 2x 2960 in a stack which has an uplink to another stack and there is no manual switch priority is set. Its a full L2 switch and I dont really mind which switch is master. I want to change the power cable to different PDU. I believe I can do ...

Psmurali89 by Spotlight
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Hi every one  ,i have an issue with my SWs , i have more than 50 SW and VLANs  allowed on all  SWs,i already enable DHCP Snooping for VLANs and it works fine until i have problem that all devices connected to any VLAN that have DHCP Snooping enabled ...

hi teamgood morningTeam, I have some doubts about VSS, I'm about to upgrade the version of a WS-C4506-E catalyst switch, but I don't have a procedure in case the update fails.Team, is there a rollback procedure due to failure to upgrade the version i...

Hi, I would like to know before I order this switch if it has 24 UTP or SFP ports? it's not really clear in the datasheet. C9300-24UX-E  Catalyst 9300 24-port 10G/mGig with modular uplink, UPOE, Network Essentials it's POE, so that tells me it's U...

hello. I am Ko. We would like to inquire about the cause of the log below and its effect on the equipment.   06:15:28.849 FW[Mod 07]: sso_get_reg: ERR sso 0: reg 0xB3 value 0x00 rc 0x80 00:33:42.921 FW[Mod 07]: sso_get_reg: ERR sso 0: reg 0xB3 value ...

jhko by Level 1
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Hi Tech People,I want to clear the Environment counters on the cisco catalyst 9K. Example, I want to clear/delete the history for the following counters, CPU , memory and fan. i could not find the command in the cisco documentation.  show env all ,sh...

Hello,I got very effective response last time, as i just entered in this field now I'm facing another issue which is I have cisco WS-C3750X-48P switch. now when i try to assign ip to any physical port or when i try to make any port as a third layer i...