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HI guys,Iam having some issue trying to configure snmp-server context vrf XXX.From some reason even if i put my VRF name i cant see anything about this vrfthis is the command i add:snmp-server context def vrf datacenter regards,

                   Dear All,I am using cisco 2951 for extra added firewall security (SSL VPN) in existing design placed after MX480. Now, that there are different modules in it as below, can  anybody tell me the function of each module in short pleas...

Hi All,I want to configure NAT on ASA with a Subnet that is not configured at any of the interfaces, if I create a Static ARP a edge router for that IP with ASA's MAC. Will it work, if not how can i achive this?ThanksJagdev

Resolved! STP with Gig links

Hi All,Is there any diffrence between, the link cost of 3gig and 8 link etherchannel             100 Mbps 19 Fast Ethernet200 Mbps 12 Fast EtherChannel300 Mbps 9 Fast EtherChannel400 Mbps 8 Fast EtherChannel500 Mbps 7 Fast EtherChannel600 Mbps 6 Fast...

Hi guys, well i will be installing my first 4500 this weekend and honestly i have never worked with the 4500 series. I have worked with CatOS, IOS Nexus but never with this modular switch. So i was wonder if anyon can give me some pointers of somethi...

rvaldes by Level 1
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Hi All, I am hoping if someone can help me understand the boot system command.I have just gone through the config of 6500 switch and i found that there is no path to the boot image6500#show bootvarBOOT variable =CONFIG_FILE variable does not existBOO...

Hello.  I am working with a 3560G switch that is dropping packets for the output queue.  The only traffic on the switch are UDP mutlicast video streams.  The confusing thing was that on the port dropping the packets, the outgoing bit rate was only ab...

I've recently acquired a Cisco 1841 from a school that was upgrading their network. Although, I have a computing background, I am totally new to networking. I can't seem to get this thing set up. I can't find a manual online, just a brochure and a fe...

Watchlord by Level 1
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I am using a cisco WS-C3548-XL running IOS (tm) C3500XL Software (C3500XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5)WC17, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1).In the documentation I see the command to change which version of spanning-tree is     (config)#spanning-tree mode xyzOn t...

rn.becker by Level 1
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