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Hi everybodyPlease consider the following scenario  internet------  Router f0/0------------------------------f1/1SW-----------rest of network                                f0/1-------------------------------f1/2 hosts located in " rest of network" u...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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hi allhave trying the last three night to make pbr on my Home networkI have 2 isp, on via 3G and one ADSLWhat i want to do is fx route all www via adsl and so on,,so have tryed following but dont seem to workip access-list extended www_adsl permit tc...

Hi All,I having some doubts on whether QoS will be applied to egress traffic. Here's my scenarioVoice GW --->Core Sw-->WAN provider routerIf calls are coming through to the Voice GW to say a Lync client, the traffic will be marked as dscp ef on the V...

Hi All,I am trying to troubleshoot high CPU usage on an 1841. It has a five minute average (as you can see below) of 37% CPU usage, not no process has a CPU usage that high, so how can this be? An invisible process is tying up the CPU? This router ty...

jwbensley by Level 1
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  Hello,I am new to this forum and networking, and there may be one more appropriate for my question, so please advise. We need to isolate two networks, or secure the one we have better to accomadate the situation. We currently have the following:Net...

Hello Experts,I need to configure QinQ on my main interface before I can configure double tagging on sub-interfaces. The problem is we have customers hanging off of the main interface. Can some please tell me what will be the impact on our customers ...

Hi,Customer has an 1801 running 15.0(1)M8 c180x-broadband-mz.150-1.M8.bin.When they try to configure EEM from conf t they get an unrecognized command error.Feature Navigator shows EEM as available in 15.0(1)M7. But Feature Navigator itself doesn't su...

HelloI want to configure management for some Nexus 5548's and have a couple of questions which I was hoping for some help on. I wanted to manage the switches via an SVI.  I have read the following document which gives details about the Management SVI...

velo84 by Level 1
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Hi,I have a vlan that is used for ip cameras. This vlan is routed with other vlans on our Cat 4506-E. how can i implement multicast feature to improve performance?Thanks Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

HiHaving 2 router with 2 sub interface configured with HSRPThe server seding the data have the route default gw xxx.xxx.xx.252 HSRP adress.but on of the routers did got HW problem so we did shut it down, R2 with IP xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.251, problem so the ...

axfood by Level 1
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