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Hello,Currently I have an VMWare ESXi host with 2 NICs of which 6 (3 from each) ports are connected to a 3750X.  I have configured LACP on the switch and set the vDS Port Group to Route Based on IP Hash (802.3ad), my config looks as follows - port-ch...

Hi,I need some help on connecting a Cisco 3945 Router to an Ethernet WAN Link. The service provider has provided a 100M Ethernet Single Mode Fiber handoff to the customer premises with SC Connector. The CPE configuration proposed for this setup is li...

053389: Aug  6 08:00:36.994 IST: %CONST_DIAG-SW1_SP-3-HM_PORT_TEST_FAIL: Switch 1 Module 4 TestPortTxMonitoring Port(s)[4] failed. System operation continues.053390: Aug  6 08:00:37.574 IST: %HA_EM-6-LOG: Mandatory.go_porttx.tcl: GOLD EEM TCL policy ...

Anyone now how to setup a snmp v3 user? Trying to use Solarwinds products and never can authenticate. Tried several ways. Would be great is someone uses Nexus and Solarwinds out there.Thanks

molinek by Level 1
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Hi all :I have a question that how to inter connect certain VLAN to certain VLAN? I just only want to use inter VLAN routing and no Private VLAN Routing.For example, I have 6 VLAN : VLAN 1 to VLAN 6. The requirement :VLAN 1, VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 are int...

Hi, I am relatively new to Cisco and am wondering the following.  I have 6 rotuers, all 891W's, one for each site.  RouterA will be the central office to which the othe 5 routes VPN into or rather, maintain a persistent VPN connection with as they ar...

cluovpemb by Level 1
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Is there a way to set static routes per VLAN?Example VLAN 100 sends all traffic to and VLAN 200 sends all traffic to (2800 Series RTR)I have 5 networks that have their own gateway to the Internet via satellite link. Those networ...