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Resolved! changing startup-config only on ASA

I am in need of changing the public IP on an ASA, but doing it remotely.  Anyone have an ideas on how to do that?  I was thinking I would have to edit the startup-config somehow, but Im not sure how I would do that.  I would need to change the public...

jjoseph01 by Participant
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Cisco 3750 - Public VLAN routing

Hi everyone,I have a quick query which i need ratified before proceeding.  I have the following scenario - Two Cisco 3750v2 switches with stackwiseISP allocated block of /26 (64 addresses)8 customers each with a VLAN and SVIInternet facing VLAN and S...

Supervisory2T VPLS support

Hi,SUP2T should now natilely support VPLS, but I nowhere can find scalability infos about VPLS supportI saw a presales preso where they mention VPLS-support up to 16K VPLS-Instances but as well on CCO the info that just 4K instaces are supported unde...

3750 as a port channel bridge

I have 3750 core/distribution switches with routing enabled in two offices connected with copper link and L3 port channel interfaces. NewOffice#2 has moved about 5 miles farther away from office#1 and I have to deploy new core/distribution switch con...

wilson.jr by Beginner
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issues enable IP accounting

I have a 6500 and I would like to enable IP accounting on a wan interface.  I have done the following on the interface level C6K(config-if)#ip accounting output-packetsand the switches gives me :Accounting will exclude mls traffic when mls is enabled...

network770 by Beginner
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UNI to NNI port conversion

I am having one Cisco ME 3400G-12CS switch with 4 NNI port & 12 UNI port.I want to convert all UNI port to NNI to as meet my client requirements.Please guide me which Metro IP Access Image IOS  version is required to convert those UNI port to NNI.Tha...

msobhnani by Beginner
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First ping packet always drop from lan switch

Hi all,I have LAN switch running HSRP   and it connected to WAN router directly.Problem is whenever i ping any internet sites it shows first ping dropped.3550SMIA#ping escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, ti...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! GLBP working, now want interface redundancy?

So I have 2 routers (cisco 3640) that each go to their own ISP and then back to the same switch.  I have setup ospf and glbp, and now have pretty good redundancy.  If either internet connection or routers go down everything is still golden.  So I was...

Help! 2851 Spitting out Symbols

Hi, I am a networking student and was playing around with a  Cisco 2800 series router. Couldnt figure out the pwd or user name so was  following these steps from this KBhttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps259/products_password_recovery09...

how to configure routing on asa 5505

HiI am totaly newbie to cisco routing, but i have some basic knowledge about routinghow do i configure the new asa 5505 to be as a router as shown in the diagramnote: the isps' routers placed in head office. but i cannot change the configurations of ...

zolpo1999 by Beginner
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Issue with WS-X6704-10GE module and port status

Hello,we have the following strange behaviour and I would like to know how to troubleshoot further on.We have two 6509 switches with one WS-X6704-10GE module in each of them. There is an optical cable between the two switches plugged in  WS-X6704-10G...

vesk01 by Beginner
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