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Resolved! IOS firmware download help

Hello,I was recently tasked, with the usual here go do it method , to configure three Cisco C2960-S switches. I am trying to download the latest software but am unable to add the firmware to my cart. Is there any specific registration process I need ...

ortegac by Beginner
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QoS help on 3550

Hi,I'm trying to get the following QoS configuration working on a 3550.I have 2 ports on a switch, say 0/1 is customer facing, and 0/24 is facing a L3 link (non-private) back to our datacenter.I'd like to use priority queueing on each port and mark t...

jlamanna1 by Beginner
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3548 secondary ip on VLAN interface?

Why cannot I issue a secondary ip on VLAN interface?swzg3_11#sh run int vlan 5!interface VLAN5 ip address no ip directed-broadcast no ip route-cacheendswzg3_11#conf tswzg3_11(config)#int vlan 5swzg3_11(config-subif)#ip add 10....

C4506 QinQ support

Hi experts,My company has a 4506 core and I want to configure QinQ to bridge a demo network in two buildings. At one end I have a 3750 and it supports all the commands. However the 4506 doesn't seem to support it. The following is the show ver of the...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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3560 PoE not working after AC locking

Hello everyone!After AC locking 3560 PoE stopped supplying power, only 4-5 ports are up with PoE. All other ports work fine, but no inline power. When rebooted, console says that PoE test is failed and PoE will be disabled.I understand it is a hardwa...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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Multicasting in Campus network issue

Hi guys,Let me just give you a quick overview of my issues with Multicasting in my current Environnement. We are deploying this year Windows 7 through the Windows Deployment Services. I have no issues with Unicast connections to the server, but I see...

Hardware Load Balancer

Hello All Expert,We will Launch Our Education Web-site in Next Week, so we have just Completed Server Setup, I have 3 Physical Server & 6 Virtual Server & 1 DB Server as per attached Topology, I need to Maintained Server Regular, I feeling When a sin...

Silly but serious question about VLANs

Hello,I won't mention specific hardware in this post... Hopefully I can state this question in a way that makes sense.  This a pretty much a hypothetical question, bear that in mind.I was configuring a new layer 3 switch at my desk; I created VLAN 2,...