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Debug question

We're having problems with our new 2960G stack with port flapping.  I'm sure, at this point, the problem is cabling ( its old cat5 ), but I'd like to run some debugging on this stack for a little while to see what the switch has to say.What debug com...

Resolved! Supervisor Engines for 4500 Series

I was checking out the supervisor engines ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst4500/hardware/module/guide/01overvw.html#wp1070862 ) and could not tell what the differences are from one to the other.  I have 2 4506s with sup IV engin...

nexus log messagge.....

  hi,any hints about this Nexus 7010 (k9 5.1.1a image) log messagge?switch %$ VDC-1 %$ %USER-1-SYSTEM_MSG: POST FAILED. device:78 inst:0. ABORTING  - octopusswitch seem to be in kind of loop anche continue to reload on sup secondary. now i have no ac...

route-map tag

bgp is redistributed under ospf as below. i am trying to catch the meaning of route-map & its statements which is used here.router ospf 5 redistribute bgp 1234 subnets route-map redistribute_bgp-to-ospfroute-map redistribute_bgp-to-ospf           rou...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Collapsed Distribution Design

Hi all, just a few quick questions regarding a collapsed distribution scenario -To give you a brief outline of the setup, I have two 3750 layer 3 switches setup as the distribution layer with HSRP and a layer 3 link between them.  I then have two 296...

Easy Doubts about etherchannels

Hi all ¡¡¡I have some doubts about etherchannel-->1º)Etherchannel and channel-group its the same?2º)Why is best to use etherchannel negotiation protocols(lacp and PAgP) to etablish a etherchannel in mode ON... Where is the advanjate?In all the cases ...

Resolved! Intervlan routing using a layer-3 switch

I have the following scenario:A layer 3 switch with two connected computers, each one corresponding to a different vlan (200 and 300). The switch is connected to a router using only one fast Ethernet port. How can i configure intervlan routing, with ...

rangel321 by Beginner
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Resolved! Switch Catalyst 3750

Hello:Please I have two questions about the subject:1.- First question, In a Stack of Switch Catalyst 3750, it can work with differents flavors, I mean, one switch that belong to the Stack have IOS version 12.2(35)SE5, IP BASE, another switch may hav...

CNA with 2960S

Hi Guys,I just got my hands on the new 2960S's and I fired up the latest version of Cisco Network Assistant, and it turns out that the switch is not compatible with the CNA.This doc:https://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps5718/ps6406/q...

CHRIS YEO by Beginner
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Recommended software upgrade for WS-C6513

Hi There,I am looking for a stable release, preferably up to date ( 14.4? IOS) version for a 6513 switch running supervisor 720, the aim of the upgrade is to support a WISM card that we are installing, since the current version doesn´t support it. Bu...

thomas by Beginner
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Urgent - Restoring a cat 6500

Hi allI need to complete some documentation for disaster recovery purposes, basically restoring a cisco cat 6509 running IOS, ie if the file system is corrupt and wont boot.Can anyone put the basic steps down on restoring and image, config and settin...