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Greetings.Our network setup looks like this:ASA 5510 --->> E0/1 (1841 ISR) E0/0 --->> Catalyst SwitchWe've recently added an ASA 5510 to the network to replace the old hardware firewall. We have multiple VLANs setup on E0/0 of the 1841. I've attempte...

Can someone tell me how to setup a SPAN (mirror) session on a 4507? Everything I read/understand is the command should be set span while in enable mode. This does not appear to be the case for our 4507 running  cat4500-entservicesk9-mz.122-40.SG.binI...

My C4503 was lost track of the Username and Password. I boot from ROMMON. Tried to use confreg 2142 to skip password but it also not works.I entered to ROM monitor and activated the command Clear Configuration All. This caused me cannot boot normally...

Hi,Please everyone bear with me... This is my first post on an Cisco forum and I'm a real newbie to this lark - everyone's got to start somewhere right?!?! :-)I've got two Cisco 3750 switches stacked together and want to connect some Dell Blades to t...

davdihill by Beginner
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HelloI desire to know why a pair of Cisco Nexus 5020 Switches can connect up to 576 servers (12 fabric extenders)??I would like to know the reason technically because i don't understand how many ports is used by each extender for connecting to the sw...

So I have a 3560GPOE that connects to an ASA 5510 that then connects to an internet router.If I connect directly into the asa all works fine. So I know from there on everything is OK.Buttt if I connect to the 3560 all the traffic dies there. I can't ...

dclarolh1 by Beginner
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I m having cisco 2610 router with 1 wic 2 T card with 2 slots(where already connected 2 leased line). Is it possible 2 have 1 more wic 2T card with 2 slots so that we can have 2 more leased line on that router..

vinothlb1 by Beginner
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I am  seeing lot of  deadfeed  on my line card crash file ..can you analyse and  let me knowwhat it meansAjai

athambi by Beginner
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I need to add additional license for DCNM to monitor all VDCs.  I am trying to update the license but update fails with message "Updating license failed: License is in use".  Is there any way force a license to update?

dburnett by Beginner
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Hi all,I have a question with regard to L2 and L3 throughput capacity. Let's say I have a 3750G which has 32 Gbps switching fabric. Does this mean 32 Gbps at L2 only or L3 as well? For example, I have 20 SVIs configured on the switch (as opposed to r...

We currently have two 3750's stacked, acting as the core for our network. They are both WS-C3750-48P switches. My company recently purchased a WS-3750E-48TD, and they would like it added to the stack. I realize that you can stack unlike models of 375...

ITsjoblom by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 1711 which I am tyring to configure as a small-office router. It will assign DHCP addresses to computers on the LAN and provide them internet access. Router receives an IP from the ISP modem and router can ping hosts on the internet. P...

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