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Resolved! Switch Stacking

Good Evening,I have a 2 Switch Stacking <A> and <B>, I need to know1- is the logFile of the Switches be in the main Switch (Commander) ? or every switch have the log file separate from Active SW? 2- if I use SNMP to Send Trap, how can identify every ...

Good morning, I have to create a lot of NAT's in order to navigate some machines. The issue is that can't to create a Overload assigning the IP from interface because I wan to exit with different IP. Then I am trying to create a pool with unique publ...

Why on earth did Cisco not support the SFP+LRM module with their QSA CVR module? It was not until we installed our C9500-32QCs and C9606Rs did we realize we had major problems. It slipped by us -- I did a lot of testing and must have missed that poin...

gp1200x by Explorer
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Hello Community, I use three SG300 switches to run my network. One is connected to a (free) ESX server running an OPNsense VM that acts as router. I have several VLANs that are connected using trunks between the switches and ESX. The OPNsense VM is c...

mfuerni by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, Currently I am installing Cisco C1-C4507R+E  for our costumer.They purchase Image with code "S45EU-S8-310E" and description "CAT4500E SUP8E Universal Image". It is shipped with IOS-XE with CAT4500E SUP9E/ 8E/8L-E Universal Image (cat4500...

dchochan by Beginner
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We currently have 2 brand new switches in a stack. The master switch works great, but the standby switch is slow and particular devices like IP phones connected to it are nearly unusable. The phones lose connection to the server and freeze up. If the...

JohnD2 by Beginner
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Hi We need to add layer 3 switch (MS-250 Meraki)  to perform intervlanwe have SAS 5506 That connect to vpn (Anyconnect) in vlan 1 ip connection go from this vlan 1 to the server,workstation,printer,vpn......we need to divide our networ...

tech44048 by Beginner
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Hi,I have multiple vlans in my L3 switch(SG550XG).Inter VLAN routing works ... okI can disable some routing between some vlans with ACL. This is also ok.But I want to forward some traffic to external firewall for some VLANs.For example I disabled the...

akanarya by Beginner
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