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Help with basic Multicast

HiI'm new to multicasting so I'm confused about the following. When I run "Show ip mroute" I get the following:(,, 11:28:59/00:02:53, flags: TA Incoming interface: Vlan8, RPF nbr, RPF-MFD Outgoing interface list: ...

dan_track by Beginner
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Two ISPs load sharing

Hello Experts,I am trying to use two DSL ISPs to share my VOIP traffic of about 19 SIP phones using G711. I am thinking about using one 2811 router with three Fa interfaces. One interface will go to ISPA, second will go to ISPB and third will go to L...

Problem with connection in a network.

Hi.I have a network connected to two Switches, and each Switch connected to the same two Routers. Those are the gateway to the outside. There isn't any routing protocol configured in the routers, only static routes. The interface of the routers conne...