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hi all I have cisco 4506 switch with WS-X4306-GB 1000BaseX module and GBIC WS-G5486.can any one tell me is it supported to my Cisco Catalyst 2960G-48TC-L switch having 1000BASE-LX fiber port with SFP GLC-LH-SM( 1000BASE-LX/LH).Also is it supported ...

I have an AS 540 with four routers Frances is connected to Meg; Meg to Peter, Peter to Lois.Lois also participates in AS 790 which runs OSPF. Lois's OSPF neighbors are Carter and Chris.In Lois's OSPF process, I entered "redistribute eigrp 540."Then I...

Good day, I would apreciate it if somebody would like to help me set up our new router. The ISP is not very helpful. I got it connected to the net with some functionalty but I can not send mail througt the router it is tellingme something like Rela...

Every device connected to a network is a node. Wikipedia says that every host is a node. And that every host is a computer on a network.I want to know if a network printer is also a host, or just a node? And while on this subject, can it still be cal...

Hi;I configured a timeout in the 6506 for "Connections" of "24:00:00".Is the only one configured.I connect a machine from the outside to the inside and it doesn't close the connection (know stablisehd for 4 days).But if I dissable the "connection" ti...

ehuarte by Beginner
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I have one lan connect using a Linksys wireless nat router, i also have a testing/learning network with 5 pc's, Cisco 3550 switch and 2600 router with 2 ethernet interfaces. Lan A (Linksys wireless) | Lan B (testing/learning)

mseaman56 by Beginner
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Hi All,When switch gets on, it's doesn't have any information in MAC-table. When one PC in that switch transfer any data to other PC in the same switch, it will broadcast that Frame to all ports in that switch. Normally Frame has a field of "Destinat...

Hi;I did a "show process events" in a 6506 and it reload-restarted...The crash ifo has the line: "Address Error (load or instruction fetch) exception, CPU signal 10, PC = 0x4047DB2C"Is this normal?The command "show process events" uses so much resour...

ehuarte by Beginner
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I am trying to accomplish a private VLAN solution on a 3750 switch, but I am running into a bit of trouble. I am using the 3750 as a layer 2 switch only. I have a trunk connection from g1/0/1 to a VMWare server that is passing me VLANs 800-809. I ...

Hi,I am getting this error messages a couple a day: %EARL_L3_ASIC-SP-3-INTR_WARN: EARL L3 ASIC: Non-fatal interrupt Packet Parser block interruptI have read that this shouldn't be a problem as I get one or two errors, but what if I have it around 5 o...

I have a 2950 switch. As I found I can create lots of vlans, but only one can be up. Why? What is the benefit of this? (When I create more than one others are in state "administratively down".)

Hello.I have a problem with NAT configuration. It is somewhat similar to 'NAT-on-a-stick' situation, with NATing on a loopback interface.I have a simple network with 2 hosts connected to 2 Fastethernet ports of a router, and one loopback interface on...

ekrdzevic by Beginner
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Resolved! New to QOS

I'd like to understand how QOS works on our network, a while back a 3rd party setup QOS to prioritise VC, TS and Voip traffic over our WAN, is there a guide that you could point me to to help me understand how it's all implemented? Thanks Brendan