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Resolved! Resetting a VCS - what happens to the SSL Certificate?

Hey all,We remove TMSPE option key from a VCS but the VCS retains old provisioning info from TMS. The old method to purge the data from the OpenDS database doesn't work (as the folder doesn't exist) and so I'm looking at resting the device and restor...

is it possible to upgrade the software version of the C40 from TCNC to TC?

Our end user have existing C40 unit which supports TCNC sw and is currently using TCNC6.2.their HO tried upgrading their unit to TC7.1.4.908e4e9 and it’s successful unfortunately the "missing RK" message appear.I believe the TCNC is totally different...

Telepresence Conductor OBTP scheduled conferences and TC endpoints registered to CUCM

Dear community, I am experiencing an interesting issue with TP Conductor based OBTP scheduled conferences and the behavior of TC software based endpoints natively registered to CUCM. Software versions:- TelePresence Conductor XC2.2.1- CUCM 9.1.2- TMS...

Resolved! MOVI Phonebooks on TMS 13.1.1 (Only pulling from endpoints)

Ok, so I've had a maddening time trying to figure this out... Here is the situation... TMS 13.1.1Movi (Mac client 4.7)  When I search for contacts, I can only see "endpoints" that are registered to our TMS server....When I find the guilty culprit in ...