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Hi, can anyone help me with getting my 9971 to register properly with my UC540? i can make and receive calls just fine etc, but the time is wrong and i am getting these errors in the stauts so its clearly not working right...            UC540 system ...

Hello - I am trying to figure out if this is possible and would love for someone to give me some counsel and advice!We have a 10 block of numbers, and I am trying to redirect the last number in the block ....9089 to a copper phone line so that we can...

iccentral by Beginner
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Hi.  I've Installed a UC540w with spa504g phones In a small office.An extension Is used for outgoing calls as per usual.The customers want to press redial directly for missed calls but they have to Instead press redial followed by edit dial to add th...

Reprovoid by Beginner
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Hi,Just thought I would share how to integrate a Cisco UC560 PBX with Office 365 to provide voicemail to email inbox functionality.The First thing to do is to set up an smtp virtual in IIS on a server within the environment according to Microsoft's K...

jamesbruce by Beginner
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