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Hi all, I am deploying an 8500 WLC for a very large scale Flexconnect network. In fact, every AP will advertise Flexconnect locally switched WLANs only. Can I (and should I) map all WLANs to a 'null' interface which does not exist in data centre netw...

Hi Experts, I received a config template for Netflow to be configured in ther 5760.  After applying the commands, everytime a chaned any configuration in any WLANS, I get a popup message (see attachment).   I have attached the netflow config templat...

mcaoile by Level 1
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Hello. I would like to know if anyone can help me with Location Server. In our network we have 1 WCS,  4 controllers, and 1 Location server After reinstallation of  Location server we cannot add it to WCS (error " can...

Hello, I've a MSE 3355 and I need to change its IP address. I know I can run another time the initial configuration script but I want to be sure I won't loose the database history. In other words, if the startup script will put the MSE to the factory...

theophile by Level 1
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Hello, I got a Cisco 3702i with an autonomous image (ap3g2-k9w7-xx.153-3.JBB1) and I have some trouble with my download speed. When I do a TP test it's only half the speed of my download compared to my upload speed. Download: ~45.69Mbps Upload: ~94.3...

Henrikp92 by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I am getting logs into my WLC controller, Please suggest me what could be possible for the same. Is it the comman unknow issue ? *reaperWatcher: Dec 04 16:45:36.781: %OSAPI-3-FILE_OPEN_FAILED: osapi_task.c:6746 Failed to open the file : /...

Tried all the troublshoot. Just can not get client to get ip address from windows DHCP server. DhCP server and AP and Clinet on same subnet. Switch is configured correctly, WLC vlan mapping correct. If change the AP to local mode all works just not i...

ssingh by Level 1
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Hi,After upgrade ISE to version 1.3 I can't access to Sponsor Portal via ://ISE_IP:8443/sponsorportal/ as it was done in version 1.2 (error: [ 404 ] Sponsor Portal Resource Not Found. The resource requested cannot be found). I have to open it through...

Hello ! I would like to connect a Cisco 2700 AP located in a Russian site to a central 8540 WLC located in France in flexconnect local switching mode. Other AP located in other European countries will also join the central controller the same way. I...

alaugros2 by Level 1
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Hello everybody, I got an ap541n. I forgot the Password for the access to the Web Interface. The Factory default settings where restored with the Reset-Button. But the Password didn't changed at all. Could you please tell me if there is any other wa...

aschrauth by Level 1
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I have two 3850s. One configured as MC working fine. The second one is configured as a MA and wired is working fine. But, clients connecting to an AP on the MA do not get an IP (dhcp). If a client connects to an AP on the MC they can then connect to ...

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