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Hello all,Quick question (couldn't find answer on google).Can the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller model 5508 act as an AAA server, or does that require a separate device/server/appliance?My initial answer to this question was yes, if running in local E...

Resolved! The splitters.

I found this in the IUWNE course:"... splitters can be used to increase the number of areas a bridge or access point may cover, such as combining multiple sector antennas to cover a broader area. Know that splitters also induce at least 4 dB of loss,...

Hi allwith the cisco wlc and lwapp access points, how do the access points adjust there power settings to compensate, what are they looking for?do they look for noise / interference from the nearby ap, then increase or backoff the power until there i...

Dear All,I have a problem with 1310 AP bridge that when I Use a couple of the 1310 as Root Bridge in the main site and non Root Bridge in the remote site but when I start to use this link the time increase to more than 1000ms and then disconnect, I n...

Dear All,My issue is that, that i have a running network with wireless clients authenticating through the ACS server using the PEAP MSchap stuff... The issue which is arrising is that the wireless clients disconnects after some time and then get stuc...

Tahir Ali by Beginner
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How do you set up the WLC for a remote WLAN?  We have an outlying site that wants IP phones.  We will be using H-REAP configuration in case the WAN site were to go down and using AP groups to isolate the remote WLAN at the site.  How would I need to ...

ewood2624 by Contributor
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Hi ,  I need to install LAP1522 inside and put ANT5180V-R outside. Can i use the cable AIR-CAB010LL-N for this purpose for a 3mts extension  ? Wanted to confirm if this cable indeed has N type connector and can be used with LAP1522.regardsJoe

Hi,  I need to use AP groups for guest ssid and this is an anchor controller scenario. Is it possible to setup one ssid for guest and that ssid is put in different ap groups in different vlans on the local controller , and anchored on the guest ancho...

Hello All,I have a odd one here....I have 5 AP1000 that used to connect to my WLC no problem, now they will not Join with the WLC.I receive the following error in the syslog "No board data payload found in join request" ???? I also have 10 AP1242 tha...

IrishMann by Beginner
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Hi Folks!when u enable LAG on the the contoller with 4 GIG interfaces then on  switch side where the WLC is connected, do i need to configure this IOS Command:switch(config)#port−channel load−balance src−dst−ipor if note configured  then i will have ...

I have been asked by my boss to add some Cisco 7921 phones to our network.Currently we dont have wireless coverage.The wireless will be installed purely for voice.Can someone advise me on, or point me to some docs, to ensure I set the wireless up as ...

Hello,1231G AP boots fine in lab with power injector to several lab switches.  AP then is sent to branch location with same type of power injector, not the one that was used in the lab though and when AP is powered up, 3 amber lights show up, port sh...

b-ulrich1 by Beginner
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