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Dear All,plz let me know if the below command is a valid command:Static (inbound outbound) gre <outbound ip> <inbound ip> netmask are having one firewall on which we want to do static nat for PPTP onour local serverneed help to nat ...

Hi guys, I'm about to order a four Aironet 1250's and a 2106 Wireless LAN Controller. From what I've read, I'll need the controller to manage the APs if I want them all to offer the same broadcast domain and subnet, and offer roaming to the users. Of...

changjoe by Beginner
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I have a config file and need to copy it to a 1242ag IOS12.4, using CLI consoled into the AP it does not copy right for some reason. How do I copy the file over?

Gregory55 by Beginner
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Hello,In one of our building we have a wlc 4402 controller with 50 1130 APs.This setup is mainly used for VOIP Wireless with a 7921 phone.I need advices on how i can fine tune the APs to obtain the very maximumcoverage for the 7921 phone.thanks

desrochj1 by Beginner
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hi,can someone advise on which LAP hardware platform support for Cisco videostream (reliable multicast over wireless) and cleanair?For AP 1132 and 1232, we are converting them to lightweight and appreciate if anyone can advise if AP1132 and 1232 supp...

greenphp1 by Beginner
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I am reading a section that says that when you change a power level from 1 to 2 for a specific AP, the power decreases by 50% ans so on. My question is: If FCC says that transmit power should not exceed 30 dBm (I guess that is power level 1 in the AP...

Hi,i'm looking for help, because i need  to configure an WLC2100, and i would like to know, if it's possible to  connect directly the ap's to the wlc, or i will need a switch, to be  between the wlc and ap's.I say this because, when i connect an ap t...

Hello,I am new to the whole what do you say... Internet jig. Does one have to have an internet provider such as AT&T or Cox or any other provider to get the Internet access I need, or can I just buy one of these Vallet things and be done with it?An a...

Hi,I saw a few discussions on WEBPASSTHROUGH and i need confirm the following.1- With WEBPASSTHROUGH can i redirect the users to a web page after they click the accept button?2- If yes, do i need to use internal, custom page or external server3- Do y...

sroberts by Beginner
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I have 14 1240s in a new building on campus. They are all powered by 3560G PoE switches. They all broadcase the same SSID and run the same vlan. Recently they quit showing the vlan and SSID in the configuration. I can still connect to the network and...

ldgilbert by Beginner
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Resolved! 1242AG Help

I am trying to configure a1242AG with 2 Vlans, Guest and Admin - there is an example paper by Cisco showing just this scenario but it doesn appear to work-  I was convinced the configuration is correct but the users PC cannot see either SSIDs - Guest...

KeithN123 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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