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AP1230B Upgrade problem

I have a AIR-AP1230B-E-K9 access point, which worked fine in its original hardware configuration, which included an AIR-MP20B mini-PCI radio module (802.11b standard).I decided I wanted to upgrade it to be a dual wireless, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz access poin...

domwilko1 by Beginner
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Cisco 1200 Crashed

Hello AllMy working AP1200 crashed in the bottom I am seeing the lights for radioand ethernet red and status is light purple on the other hand in console mode I am just seeing ap:and possible commands are ? -- Present list of available comm...

ergonullu by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Power to 521 Access Points

I am trying to Power a Cisco 521 AP from a blade on a 4500 switch. The blade module number is WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V. This is supposed to be a POE blade, but when I plug the AP in, I do not get the AP to power up.

Similar SSID for two 1252 access points

Hi, we currently have one 1252 AP. It has two Vlans. One for data and one for voice. Just bought another 1252 AP and going to have similar setup.I read I can have similar SSID so that uses don't need to re-authenticate to the other AP. If this is tru...

sohocisco by Beginner
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SNMP OID for AP1242's 5 minute Input/Output rates

Does anyone know if there is a MIB/OID for the AP1242's 5 minute Input/Output rates? It appears there is an entry in the CISCO-IF-EXTENSION-MIB but the AP does not populate that entry. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

tjw by Beginner
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MIC failure

I am running WPA/TKIP and WPA2/AES.However, the users (TKIP and AES) keep get disconnect with the error MIC failure.I thought there is a bug on TKIP to inject a frame and cause the radio went down. so we change the "config wlan security tkip hold-dow...

Factory Reset for AP 1010

Hi all,One of my AP 1010 got a static IP in vlan 110 Range but Controller is in Different(default) Vlan. Due to this its not getting registerd with WLc. Anybody can suggest any procedure to remove that IP from AP.

sujithr by Beginner
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about Wism PPPOE problem

wlc2106 + 1131AP client over pppoe successfully is open “broadcast forwarding”but on wism wlc-a and wlc-b don't PPPOEthen open “broadcast forwarding”(client in wire network pppoe successfully)sniffer wireless client found only pppoe request...

Resolved! SCE recieve only mode with switch

Hi,I have to test an SCE 4xGBe in the recieve only mode. I am not going to use an optical splitter to connect my device i will use a switch with gbe connections and the span function to redirect traffic to the gbe of the sce.could any one explain the...

gmichel08 by Beginner
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5505 and 5510 Ipsec Tunnel File Transfers fail

I have a 5505 and a 5510. They have an IPsec L2L tunnel between them. I can transfer a 1 Gig file with ftp no issues. I start the same file transfer with explorer using the unc \\\c or Explorer and it fails after a random period of time. A...

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