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Wi-Mesh - 1510 and 1522 APs

Hi guys, I have a mesh topology with 1510 and 1522 Access Points, 18 int the total. In my headquarter I have two RAPs, one 1510 and other 1522. They are the distance between 7 meters. The others are MAPs. All of then in the same bridge group name.I n...

rezende.c by Beginner
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WCS upgrade and HTTP port open

Hello All,I am trying to upgrade my Wundows based WCS to During the upgrade it tells me that port 8 (http)is needed by WCS and being used by another application. I have tried to find out which application is using that port so tha...

bghobadi2 by Beginner
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differences between HWIC-AP-AG- A vs B ?

I'm needing one for an 1841 and it's not clear which one; both targets the american standard, sure; can anybody tell me ? Is B a revised and newer edition ? Do A have some incompatibilities with latest IOS or hardware glitches anybody knows of ?

Adding access points to 877W ISR

I have a customer who has an existing 877W on his network. He wants to add an access point in another area that is not covered by the ISR's wireless capability. Can the access point be plugged into the ISR and connect into the existing vlan's/ssid's ...

mbluemel by Beginner
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EAP-TLS PMK Generation

Hi All,So WPA2-PSK, the PMK is derived from the PSK, then hashed and the 4-way handshake occurs.With EAP-TLS using digital certificates, where is the PMK derived from? Can anyone explain please?Many kind regards,Ken

Two questions to WLC4402

Hi,I've two questions to the WLC4202.First: Does the WLC have an internal radius server like the autonomous APs or do I need to use an external radius server for authentication?Second: When a guest access is used, does this WLAN can have an encryptio...

Resolved! Aerohive versus Cisco wireless?

I'm the technology administrator at a liberal arts college in Virginia.  We're going to be upgrading our wireless access points in our residence halls and classroom buildings.  We've just finished a (very successful) test of new Cisco access points (...

Resolved! 1242 as Repeater from LAP

Hi folks.I have a 1242 running 12.4(10b)JA, I would like it to operate as a repeater from a WLC with 4 AP's in LAP mode.I am having problems getting it to work, as soon as I enable it as a repeater, I lose contact with it.Is this configuratuion suppo...

neilmac by Beginner
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PEAP auth on ACS SE

Dear all,We currently have a W2K3 IAS box authenticating our trusted wireless users via RADIUS.The wireless users connect through our WLC 4402, via a WLAN that points to the W2K3 boxes under the AAA settings.This setup seems to be working fine, howev...


Hi all,Due to a policy change internally all our internal https servers must have a proper certificate instead of the defualt self signed ones.Ive tried to follow the CSR document for WCS but i do not have a keyadmin.bat file....Im running WCS4.2.62....

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