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Resolved! Cisco AP 1700 match Flexconnect Groups Issue

Hi, brAt the moment, I have a strange problem about with Cisco AP add to FlexConnect Groups-custom groups not default flexconnect group.Environment:A new Cisco AP 1700i (fitap)Cisco AP 1700i is already registered to the WLC5508Wireless Management Ver...

Flexconnect group vlan issue2.png

WLC local users disappearing

Hi.My customer has a 5520 WLC running and we have local net users configured, which are used for Web-Auth on one of our guest SSIDs. For no apparent reason they appear to be keep getting deleted and we only discover it when we try and logi...

MSE - Change UDI

Our MSE appliance on last legs, so we have moved to the VM version while looking at DNA Space. I've asked Cisco Licences to rehost the LIC file which they have, but have a issue. The udi looks like this AIR-MSE-VA-K9:V01:MSE02.someworkplace.com_677a7...

Resolved! vWLC update path

Not sure why this information is so hard to find for me.  I know I've seen it in the past when doing other upgrades. I'm working on upgrading a vWLC from to From what little information I can find it looks like I need to 

Problems with WiFi connection WPA 3 802.1 x

On new laptops with Win 10, we encountered a problem connecting to WiFi with configured 802.1 x authorization. The behavior is that if you just select the broadcast SSID and try to connect, the connection does not occur, most likely due to the fact t...

asvintsov by Beginner
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WLC dynamic vlan using openLDAP

Hi all,im new here, so this is still planning phase i would like to implement wlc 5520 integration with openLDAP where when user login with 802.1x they get specific vlan base on identity, would it be possible without using ISE ?need your opinionsthan...

reylite by Beginner
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Hello, We have a setup on which we want to use flexconnect on cisco wireless APs and dot1x on switchports.Normally, using NEAT/CISCP can help with this setup but i have seen that Cisco ceased the support for the feature starting from 8.7 version.Do y...

Wifi platform stress tool ?

Hello,We have a central site and a remote one that is very rarely visited, and reserved only for big events, For corporate wifi users the authentication goes through the active directory which is hosted in the HQ, sometimes some authentication issues...

TrickTrick by Participant
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Firewall/Switching capacity

Hi All,  I have one project with high density of clients (12 000 public clients in one time, not all of them will use mobile phones, but let's say half of them,access only to the internet, which will use only apps with small traffic), which will be c...

Jaro by Beginner
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Resolved! Send AP MAC to syslog server

Hi guys,This command configures the syslog host for all APsconfig ap syslog global host x.x.x.xAnd this command configures the syslog host on the WLCconfig logging syslog host x.x.x.xIs the result of both commands the same?Can both commands be used?A...

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