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I am trying to put an image back onto an Access point.I have followed the guide which is on this site and it is not working for me.Here are the stages i have done so far.Set up TFTp server and set my IP to access point, while connected...

momalley1 by Level 1
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Hi everyone,   I have this L2TP + IPSEC configuration, I can get authentication but I have no ability to ping the internal class and not even get wan connection.I've probably made mistakes.Thanks for your help.  ! version 17.3 service timestamps debu...

r_m by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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We currently have a WLC 5520 that is no longer under a support contract but need to create a custom web login under the Web Auth section. As I understand, Cisco documentation indicates you need to download the sample bundle files on their support sit...

I was wondering if we deny a wireless device in our DHCP filter on our Windows DC and that wireless client tries to connect to our WLAN, do they still show as a client on the WLC even though they are denied an IP address? Basically, our WLC client li...

Hi community, we have a customer running a 9800-80 and several 9120AXE-E are planned together with AIR-ANT2544V4M-R which are going to be extended by (sometimes) longer cables. I found the data sheets for those cables which state a cable loss of 0,49...

Dear Community, kindly ask can AIR AP 1572 EAC be turned on by using Switch PoE? or it can be turned on by using PoE injector? or must use another type of power injector? is it included the Power Injector/ Adaptor when I purchase 1572EAC?  and can it...

Hello community, I have an issue with uploading floor maps to Cisco CMX, when I try to upload the file I get the error in the picture, I don't know if it's because of file format, I tried to search file type supported by CMX but I didn't find this in...


I'm configuring a new CBW145AC Access Point and I noticed slow throughput, about 90 to 110Mbps, while ISP is much faster than that. Also if 2 clients are connected then throughput drops to about half on each client making me believe that AP is defini...

JPolisel by Level 1
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Hi there, I recently updated our WLC 9800-CL (running on Hyper-V) from 17.1.1 to 17.3.3 and after rebooting the WLC I started receiving this message: PLATFORM_INFRA-5-IOS_INTR_OVER_LIMIT_HIGH_STIME: IOS thread blocked due to SYSTEM LEVEL ISSUE for To...

Zsolti by Level 1
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