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Hello Cisco-Experts,we have activated FRA on our 5520-WLCs with hundreds of APs with good success.I would like to revert a single 3800-AP from serving dual 5-GHz back to Auto to recalculate FRA on it. But the command "config advanced fra revert" can ...

Gehrig_W by Level 1
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good day everybody my ap 1832i does not send an ssid. I have installed mobility express Version I can't add a 2732i either. It is shown to me in the AP list, but when I try to update with mobility express, the image does not transfer. I c...

Hello, I was hoping someone would be able to provide some guidance for someone trying to break into wireless. I don't have any experience with cisco wireless, so I was looking into buying a few things to play around with to get started.I plan on usin...

RoshaBeli by Level 1
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Im trying to setup a 2802i to do a AP on a Stick Survey. I converted the AP to Mobility Express 8.10.152. I went through a fresh setup and assigned an SSID to both radios. It is only broadcasting from the 2.4.I tried creating a new SSID and assigned ...

Hello, I am having some access points showing oper stat down after the wlc were down because battery ups failed.  The wlc were rebooted to see if they but then some of the ap's are now as oper status down.  I have checked the radio network to see if ...

Hi, i have some Cisco i2602 in Auto Mode on a Cisco Catalyst 2960-cWorks with Fast EthernetNow i want to Change to Gigabit Switch.Now i have the problem some AP no work, it looks like that the start but after some minutesthere are off.There are 4 pai...

Hello all, I am faced with a strange issue with these new Access points in our infrastructure.NAME: AP2800, DESCR: Cisco Aironet 2800 Series (IEEE 802.11ac) Access PointPID: AIR-AP2802E-E-K9 , VID: V07.The Access point has been joined to the WLC succ...

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