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9800 WLC 17.3.3 + C9120AXI  APsset guest wifi L3 web authentication, consent, captive portalFor iPhone all good working, but for Android devices (mostly Android10+) can't pop-up captive portal.It occurs sometimes, for example: on Monday( 2 days off o...

117222400 by Beginner
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Dear All,In a test environment, I'm setting up EAP-TLS client authentication and authorization using DACL.Authentication works. Although I haven't configured DTLS yet to secure the Radius protocol communication between the WLC and ISE. My first quest...

ifabrizio by Beginner
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Hello,I am attempting to send a COA request with Request ID 44 by utilizing the Acct Session ID and Calling Station ID that were extracted from the Access Request Packet. I have sent this request over port 1700, which has already been enabled on the ...

Hi, We have recently deployed Prime 3.10.2 and added a 9800-L (SW 17.6.4) along with 10 X 9130 APs.. On adding the APs to the site maps within Prime, there is no RF heat maps being emitted from them. Just wondering if any has come across this issue a...

Hi Guys,This is my first post topic.We have a strange problem with wireless network dropping out on printers.Our network has couples of  AIR-CAP3502I (around 60 of them) and WLC4404 . Most of those AIR CAP are located at our retail stores and running...

tan_tran81 by Beginner
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Users are being randomly disconnected from the wireless APs, all users are not disconnected at the same time. When Windows clients are disconnected they receive the "globe" rather connected icon. After about 10-15 seconds the connectivity is restored...

hello everyone! I am using cisco 9800 17.3.1 and I have difficulties in setting up the work of the external authorization portal and the radius server in flex connect local switching mode. I need your help. My questions: 1. I configured preauth URL F...

Hi all,I have question about Radio Configuration on 9800 model. When you go to Configuration > Radio Configuration you have multiple options like Network, Parameters, RRM... Similar options are also available when you create RF profile.So my question...

Trbo90 by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to achieve something that should be fairly simple: configuring a standalone IW3702 running version 15.3(3)JPN1 as a workgroup bridge AP.I've followed instructions from links like this one, but I don't have the exact same commands availa...

lecabral by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm facing strange problem with one of our sites, AP's are constantly disconnecting from WLC. They are associated for some time, than for some reason they disconnect and enter dtls loop process, they are stuck in loop for some random time (som...

Jeza-925 by Beginner
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WLC Model:- AIR-CT2504-K9WLC Versio:- model:- AIR-CAP2702E-B-K9AP version:- 15.3(3)JF9Country Code- USSymptoms:1. ICMP is reachable from WLC to AP2. ICMP is reachable from POE to AP3. Access is not available to AP by SSH or telnet4. Opera...

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