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WLC9800 Reload by Command RIF

Guys,I have a Catalyst WLC 9800 that was reload by itself and in the log message I've found the following reason: Last reload reason: Reload Command by RIF" Anyone here already take this issue? Would know what is it mean?

maverick0 by Beginner
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cisco mobility express not broadcasting 5hgz on few aps

hiwe have Cisco mobility express based deployment of 8 APs.7 are AIR-AP1832I-H-K9 / 802.11bg:-E 802.11a:-H one is AIR-AP1832I-C-K9 / 802.11bg:-E 802.11a:-C region is set to china. Some are unable to broadcast the ssids via 5 ghz.though it is showing ...

Wonxie by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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AP Radios disconnecting Randomly

Hello!We're experiencing an issue where all wireless clients are being disconnected randomly throughout the day, however it doesn't show the APs went down because the uptime is still showing it's been up for a long time.I've looked through the logs i...

WLC 8.5 Passpoint configuration

Hi,I will take the Android example of Passpoint profile.How would you configure the WLC Passpoint settings (operator name, domain list, realm name, WAN link properties) based on this particular Passpoint profile example.I am trying to figure out whic...

iores by Beginner
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Meraki claim concern

Hi Guys, I have a question here, we have a Meraki MX60 and it was claimed before by another account unfortunately the account has been deleted and we want to claim the said device, how can we do that? When we we try to claim it this prompts "Some of ...

Mess code in AP9130

Hi, when some of AP9300 is up, we can see below mess code via console. Why it happen? I checked internet for the reason. some of them say it is speed issue. but in my case, speed config is good and some of AP do not has the issue. Thanks [01/01/1970 ...

zshowip by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies
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Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi

Hello,Will it be possible to authenticate users to my WiFi network using Azure AD?I currently have it configured to authenticate using Active Directory and it works fine.I have seen that it can be done through google, facebook, AD, etc., but I am int...

Resolved! Download files TFTP to WLC

Hi,I wanted to ask if the WLC reboot is really required while wanting to download the files to the controller.As per cisco docs.Log in to the WLC CLI and run these commands: (Cisco Controller) > transfer download datatype cmx-serv-ca-cert(Cisco Contr...

ziqex by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies
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FlexConnect Support: Branch AP is not joining to WLC

In our lab environment, we have a Catalyst 9800-CL WLC and SD-WAN. I am trying to get an AP at a branch home office to join the controller, but I am not having any success. The AP is set to mode local, and I do not see a way to change that to FlexCon...

ejgreco by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Cannot join AP9130 to WLC

Hello, We have C9800 wlc with APs9130e which work well for many months. Now We want to add APs9130i to the network. But we have issue to join the new AP to the WLC. The log info from AP is showed as below. Anyone can help to provide some suggestions?...

zshowip by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies
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WLC9800 CL - Bootflash no space alarm assert

Hi Community! I have a problem with a wlc9800, it shows the following log: Oct 26 00:53:22.504: %PLATFORM-1-NOSPACE: bootflash : no space alarm assert we have already deleted the unused files and the problem persists WLC-01#dir bootflash:Directory of...

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