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Hi all I have 2x 5508 in SSO mode I performed a failover test (by executing command "redundancy force-switchover" and after the standby controller rebooted, HA seems to no longer be working:From active controller (Cisco Controller) >show redundancy s...

Hi i have a DNA center, and a on prime CMX setup we have change our WLC to 9800' , and installed a DNA SPACE CONNECTOR to use DNA spaces instead of our CMX but some of our map is  DNA SPACES, is still located under the old Structure Comagnylocation 1...

Jan Loop by Level 1
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Hi Team, We have recently upgraded the wlc (5520)to new code 8.10.130.Post the upgrade users  connecting to local mode AP's(3700) are not getting ip address.After reloading the AP users are getting the ip address.  Regards,Anjana 

Anjana A by Level 1
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Hi, We have a new WLC 9800 in our network, and I'm required to install the CA-Server Certs on the controller to have secure connection to the WLC GUI through the browser, how do I perfom this task? does it work like ISE and Stealthwatch in a similar ...

We have deployed C9120AXI-E WAP's  with a Catalyst 9800 WLC running version 17.3.1.The issue we have is that any windows laptop running version 1703 does not see any of the SSIDs on either 2.4g or 5g propagated by the Cisco WAP's. It does however con...

c.walsh by Level 3
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Hi.I have two WLC2504 controllers working in HA N + 1.There are several SSIDs and vlans on them.A few days ago, after changing the addresses of the management interfaces (and vlans) on both i've lost access to the WebGUI from my current vlan.Now I ca...

sn00p by Level 1
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3 AP 1815w, one of them - ME controller. (but as I remember the same issue was on all previous versions).100mbit internet channel. By wire, also through 1815w Ethernet port (plan) download speed is about 90mbit, same upload.Through wifi (a...

Gorik by Level 1
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