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Hello we have a wireless network with C9800-CL and access points 9115ax. AuthC and authZ is made by ISE with EAP-TLS. Every device is working fine, except iPhone11 Pro. It connect to the WLAN smoothly. However, if we left the office and then return, ...

mnkojima by Level 1
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Hi all, I have been curious on how we are able to limit a Wifi access time of users. For example, a guest user is only allowed to access Wifi for 2 hours. I'd also like to know about setting up one-time Wifi password.Is the combination of Cisco WLC a...

Huan NG by Level 1
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Please note I have been given responsibility for this but no training.1) I have a AP which does not responds to the controller. I think the IP is wrong since it doesn't respond to pings (but the others do). How do I change the IP address?2) I can ssh...

Hello,We are starting to get a lot more wireless devices such as thermostats, HVAC monitoring, medical devices and I'm sure there will be others..We have the 5520 WLC and we would like to look at creating a new Wireless network and apply multiple PSK...

Hi,We have deployed Cisco AIR-AP2802I-Z-K9 access point in our client network.The signal strength provided by the AP is not as expected. Is there a way we can place a extender/repeater to increase the signal strength ?  

Hello everyone. I know and understand that i am not a first who ask about it, but now i need to do it again )Agenda is about roaming problems with Apple MacOS devices like Macbook etc. I am not a apple user.As a nutshell: many "big bosses" like apple...

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