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Returned to day0 after upgrade.

I upgraded my Aironet 1850 to the latest Mobility Express version, The upgrade was performed from console, using tftp. After the upgrade process, wireless networks are still working. SSH login and configuration also works as before. Howeve...

mneergaa by Cisco Employee
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Wireless Mesh 802.11 AC

I have a client that needs to run 802.11 ac off of another vendor AP for an outdoor environment.  Due to the physical layout, it would be more advantageous to run PoE to an outdoor AP. In this situation, what Cisco APs exist that are: A. Not control...

FTP on 2504 WLC

Hi everyone, I have just recently upgraded to the latest firmware  and now can not upload or download via FTP. can someone confirm that there is a bug or not?

joeq by Beginner
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2800 AP max clients

In looking at the datasheet for the 2800 APs, they say a max of 256 ClientLink clients. Is that per AP or per radio? I know the 3700s said 128 clients per radio. We find that this is an acceptable limit; we have several 3700 APs with 75-100+ clients ...

wlc 2504 NTP or Manual Timing Problem

Manual and/or NTP timing issue: 2504 WLC=poe Switch - couple of AP`s When  - for example accidentally power cut - your wlc is not having power : for 5 minutes, but it doesn`t have an ntp -> it`s time might will come back same as the configured ap`s :...

lkajcsu01 by Beginner
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configurating a Air_Cap1602I

Guys, i got 2 1602i's. Purchased them for a non-profit organisation. I am not able to conenct to one of them, when adding the ipaddres in the browser, i get an error as if the ipaddres doesnt belong to that accespoint although it is the right ipaddr...

Enki Doe by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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CMX in big auditorium

Hi  We are using Cisco Prime and Cisco CMX to track footfall in our facility but I have a problem with one of the big halls because it is on multiple levels and wireless clients get mapped into adjacent rooms as the system does not understand that t...

A question about RRM

HI Everyone, what is the best way to solve the issue of high transmit power when one AP can not hear the signal of third AP at -70 dbm or higher ? since TPC can nor run when we dont have 3 neighbor AP? Should I change the maximum and Minimum power a...

aesmaeil by Cisco Employee
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Cisco prime Infra license

Hello Experts, I have few questions regrading PI 2.2 licensing: whenever I order 100 or 200 life cycle license(L-P12X-LF-N-100) of Cisco PIthen I also get 1. R-P12X-N-k9 - what it means and for what its used ? 2. L-PILMS42A-100 and L.PILMS42-KIT. Wh...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! WLC Date and Time lost after reset

Hello Pros, I have a problem with one WLC 2504 running The equipment is working fine, but after a hard reset i lost date and time, no other configurations are lost. I have no NTP Server on my network because i have a RV130 and a SG300 an...

rponte by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! WLC 5520 HA Setup Proble

Hi, I need help to get a HA SSO setup running.I try to setup HA with SSO with 2x WLC 5520 version (RTU Evaluation License by now) - Network Connection beween the WLC5520: LAG with a tagged vlan. (because of design Guide topology seems to b...

No GUI on the WLC2504

Hi How come that I cannot access the GUI on the 2504 all of a sudden, through any of the ports. I just configured the box a bit wih SSID and IP Addresses. thanks

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