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Hi Team, If I use the RSN technology such as 802.1x or PSK for wireless authentication , it is going to create the keys such as PMK and PTK etc for encryption and decryption of data frames. Then why do we need TKIP and AES algorithms to do  the encr...

We have a AUDIO SONOS equipment connected to the VLAN14, which we should control from the VLANS 11 and 12. Vlan 11 and 12 are wifi using the WLC 3850, do you know if i have to configure something in the wlc to work? The routing between vlans is ok. ...

Hi All, please explain how cisco prime "MAP" works and how to use and identify coverage area using MAP share video/document links.

Shivu b by Beginner
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Buenos dias espero puedan ayudarme, Tengo la necesidad de realizar el Password Recovery para recuperar el password root del wireless controller tomando en cuenta que es necesario realizar un reset default para recuperar dicho password segun la docume...

aminj_1687 by Beginner
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Hi, I want to deploy an inistance of virtual WLC in my network, for up to 5 AP. I know the evaluation version is for free to download, now I want it to be licensed and I want to be able to download the update files (which is not available for downloa...

Ryo Kato by Beginner
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Hi, all, We are using AP 1832 in our office. I test the signal strength by some mobile app. When my mobile phone is much closed to the AP, the best signal is only 23 dBm,  is it normal or too weak? If I do the same test in home, a cheap AP, the stren...

long.zhao by Beginner
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Hello. I'm looking for L3 switch which has a place to insert ethernet interface module into it. Are there such products? I've thought that all L3 switches don't have such a place (although they have a place to insert SFP module). And, I'm happy if t...

spitz1995 by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm confusing with license prime infrastructure. I have some questions about license prime infrastructure.  1. I installed prime infrastructure 2.0, and I added license is lifecycle.  2. I bought new assuarance license version 2.x, I did not ...

mailt16 by Beginner
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