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Resolved! UCID

Hi, How can we get session ucid- which is unique to each call? data has ani, dnis,uui etc but don't find anything which will be unique to each call......

rpeddi29 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi all,In attempting to build a third party gadget for Cisco Finesse, I have successfully written the XML specification for the gadget and embedded it through the 3rdpartygadget account as specified in the Finesse Web Developer Guide. This gadget nee...

kgoburn by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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We have a situation that callers may call in on an ID but they are in the list to be called for the day. We would want that ID pulled from the list if we make contact, so not to be called.Is there an api call that could do this? Or can we write a que...

Hi We have developed Web Soft phone using Finesse REST API & Notification services. Soft phone has capabilities of change agent state with non ready category & ready as well as call controls like answer, hold, conference & switch lines. Soft phone an...

plukka by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Hi All,Hope you are doing good.  I am trying to integrate Finesse with Zendesk and here are my requirements.> Create a ZenDesk Ticket and assign it to the agent> Grab the ticket number and do a screen pop to the agentI would like to understand what w...

URI failover doesn't seem to completely work.we have the main app pointed to uccx-001.blahblah...This works fine until failover happens.When failover happens the calls from the app to the finesse api service doesn't work at the uccx-001, but instead ...

Sending a message to the api drop works for the most part.However this is the debug session I get when calling the number: 778-995-1502vaderxx: <Dialog><requestedAction>DROP</requestedAction><targetMediaAddress>4001004098</targetMediaAddress></Dialog...

Hello all,we're using the Social Miner for Chat since some days in Version 10.6.Unfortunately our Agents will not get any notification or toaster when a customer request a Chat.In case we don't want to miss a Chat the Agent also need to always keep a...

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