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Conference Issues

Hello,  I have a Voice gateway CISCO3925, two PVDM3 DSP 64 channels and 192 channels, my issue is that customer can only add 3 persons to a confernce. dsp services dspfarmdspfarm profile 10 transcode codec g729br8 codec g729r8 codec g711ulaw codec g7...

Call manager ver8.62

  HelloI'm running callmanager v 8.6.2 with a hunt pilot configuration utilizing and h list and line groupmy qhow do i configure my pilot number to Forward Hunt No Answer & Forward Hunt Busy to internal number .? tried to set the number directly into...

Resolved! Subscriber innstalation CUCM 10

Hello, I have upgrede the CUCM from 9 to 10.I have publisher CUCM 10.X version.I would like to innstal the subscriber, but I have only CUM 9.1 bootable image.Is it possieble to install sub 9.1 when publisher is 10 or the subsriber version must be the...

CIPC licensing

Hi,Can someone please explain how CIPC licensing looks like in simple words?I was reading a lot and I have a little mess in my head right now.1. I need to buy soft phone from cisco for every user? If yes, what about when someone leaves company and CI...

Resolved! Time For Cucm and Ip Phone

Hey all, can any one describe how the cucm take time and how ip phone that register in cucm take time ? i know the CUCM is take time from NTP that added when install the CUCM , but how the ip phone is take time!! Best Regards,Ahmad Kefaya.

Restriction list in jabber

I have a scenario for Jabber client for windows & IPhones,End users should able to make a Long distance call from deskphone,when the login to client they should to have a restriction for Long distance calls.,suggest me on how to upload restriction li...

Problem with H323 gateway

We have a CUCM ver our PSTN access we have the following scheme:CUCM <========> Cisco2911 <======> ISP-------> PSTN              H323 tk                              SIP tk Our Cisco2911 is running ver 150-1.M4.We configure Cisco 29...

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