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Hello, I have a brand new CUCM 10.5 environment in my lab.  The system (CUCM, CUC, and IM&P) was configured using Prime Colab Provisioning.  The phones are provisioned.  It (PCP) also built the trunk to my voice gateway.My voice gateway is a 2921 run...

Hello Everyone, My co-worker and I have been trying to convert Cisco 7961 phone over to the SIP protocol to use with a open source call manager. On a windows 7 machine, we have TFTPD32 setup (version 3.23) for DHCP for network.  Starting ...

gjoslin02 by Level 1
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All,Is it possible to pull information from call manager regarding the last usage/login of extension mobility profiles?It seems like itd be a well requested feature to allow people to keep their call managers up to date, is it possible to run a repor...

I have a CUC version 10 with sip integration to cucm version 10. Some phones mwi works fine others nothing I cannot see any issues as we can leave messages etc   If I go inti the USR / MWI Setings and do a reset all the mwi starts working. Any ideas?...

miket by Level 5
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Hi, I Have an MCS 7800 (end of life) that has give up the ghost. Red light is flashing on the front panel of the server - won't boot.   To cut a long story short, I am wondering if I could buy a second hand server of the same model and put my existin...