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how i can configure a recall button on cisco 7962g? we work with an UC500 as central

Hi, the last week it change the way to call in my country (Chile). we configure the UC500 and it works well, but one 7962G cannot use the recall button (that one that allows you to call to the last incoming). When we push it sounds like busy. please ...

pllanten1 by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 3CX Problem

Hello all,we bought and started to use 3CX Server and SIP Server working in local networks, not problem.so we are having a problem from the outside 3CX client (iphone, android softphone).I have read this web site:http://www.3cx.com/blog/docs/ports-us...

Resolved! RTP stream question

Hello community, I have a questionThe setup is this, a cisco sccp phone is located in russia and registrated in a callmanager located in denmark. The phone dials a number that translate and use a routelist to a local gateway in russia. The dialed num...

KasperPBE by Beginner
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Resolved! All inclusive BAT file for CUCM 10.x

Hello - It has been a while since my company last added multiple devices at one time requiring a batch load.In an effort to not recreate the wheel, I am hopeful that someone has a Bat file template that addresses ---- Device, Line and User in a singl...

bfollmer1 by Beginner
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Cisco 7960 SIP Phones are registered with CME but its not accepting proxy server IP address.

Hi, Cisco 7960 Sip phones are registered with CME on Cisco 2911 Router. But if I try to register ip phones with sip proxy server it is not accepting  proxy ip address. As it it using 'Usecallmanager' for registering phones. When I try to change ip se...

Wrong DTMF detection

 Dear All, I have Cisco Voice router 2801 with Two FXO ports and we have terminated two PSTN lines over it. Suddently, we are facing some DTMF detection issues. Once the Router give us the dial Tone and we tried to dialed the desired numbers but unfo...