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I know many people ask this and it's results are back and forth, but I wanted to get everyones opinion of using a physical fax machine with passthru via G711 or sticking with a regular analog line from Telco. T38 isn't available from my ITSP. I perso...

I have 10 digit DN's, I am trying to configure 3 digit internal dial translations, when in SRST mode.e.g. phone registered as 123-4567-890 and someone internally dial as 890 it should go through...I have tried to configure translation rules and teste...

sky_voice by Beginner
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Hi all,Currently i'm trying to make a back up for call manager using DRS.i back up my call manager every dayi already setting and it run well.My question is, can i make separate back up folder for each day?because on default setting, when you back up...

Hi everybody.Below is the output from the flash of a cme router which is also acting as a tftp server.Router#show flashSystem flash directory:File  Length   Name/status  1   24752244  c2600-ipvoice-ivs-mz.124-9.T.bin  2   1602     CiscoLogo.gif  3   ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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