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Good day.Need your help. I have 2 pbx cucm 8.6 and avaya ip office 406 connected via h.323. cucm numbers 2xx, avaya 3xx. I need create hunt group with phones on both pbx, they have to ring simultaneously. Before cucm we used ccme and creat that hunt ...

I tried to backup my CUCM8.6 with many free SFTP Software but it failed . I tried freeFTPd , freeSSHd and WinSSHd . I asked  other colleagues but they told me that Unfortunately CUCM 8.6 does not support freeFTP as a backup SFTP server and I should b...

HiCan i run any OS admin commands to provide me with the same output as BAT would give? For ExampleBAT Export:DeviceDevice ProfilesLine GroupsHunt Pilots Can i also run an OS query to give me a list of actively logged in profiles?Is it possible to lo...

Hello gents,We are having some problems with calling to external sites. The phone call to that site goes through Voice Gateway in Italy. We've checked IP routing, Call Manager configurations.  Also we've checked that VG configurations it all seem ok....

Abzal by Level 7
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Hey Guys.We have a PRI terminated on a voice router with CUCM 8.5. Now clients are getting one more PRI to terminate on the router. they want calls to go on PRI A if "9" is pressed and PRI B if "0" is pressed initially. How can we go about this ??Tha...

Rajan R by Level 1
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Resolved! SIP TRUNKS

Hi all,Please I need some help to understand how to order the UC560 in the following scenary, and the questions are:scenary: UC560 Principal Site  A  with 30 Analog phones (Using VG224 or ATAS)  and 20 IP Phones.    NO Analog trunks Just SIP form the...