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Hi All,     We trying to upgrade the CUCM 8.6.2a  restricted version from 6.1.5 SU3 . We gone through the readme document of Refresh cop file 1.1.*** If upgrading from a 6.1(4) or 6.1(5) or 7.1(3) version to an 8.6(x) UNRESTRICTED version, only this ...

Dear all:I need some light to continue troubleshooting a Ring Back tone issue. The problem is that it is only happening when someone calls to the USA DID number from an USA line. ( I tested from an Argentina trunk and Germany trunk and there is RBT)I...

czerewacz by Level 1
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Guys,I am trying to do an export of phones from an existing cucm 4.1 cluster for migration to a new cluster. I observed that BAT does not export all the data. Some phones were missing in the export even though they are present in cucm database.When I...

Hello community!I´m having the following problem. I´m installing CUE with CME 8.0/IOS 15.1(1)/2901 ISR2, and I´ve already installed CUE 8.6 software on the module. I also did run the initialization wizard using the CUE web interface. In the CME, I´ve...