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Hi Community, i have one question regarding CMR Data. I know that Jabber Data are not shown in CDR. Is there any other way to get these data from CUCM oder Jabber? I dont need live data, which are shown during the call. I need some data when the issu...

krizvite by Beginner
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VoiHi everybodyI have a E1 CAS configured in a voice enabled router. Users comply because they don't see the caller phone number (ANI). Originally the configuration of the E1 was the following: controller E1 0/0/1framing NO-CRC4 ds0-group 1 timeslots...

nicocerti by Beginner
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Having an issue with one of our sites (90) total where all sites use a centralized sip service at our corporate office (also where CUCM's reside).  All of the sites are connected by a VPN Internet Connection back to corporate.  The one site's issue i...