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We have a Gateway and Route Pattern setup in CUCM for use with MeetingPlace Xpress.  MeetingPlace is able to dial out but only with the use of a "9" before for the number.  We have 5 digit internal dialing and MeetingPlace is unable to dial out using...

fasteddye by Beginner
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Hello Everyone, I am building my own voice lab at home. I created 3 ephone-dns and configured 3 ephones to match those dns...Router(config)#ephone-dn 1 dual-lineRouter(config-ephone-dn)#number 1000Router(config-ephone-dn)#name AlexRouter(config)#epho...

Resolved! VoIP Solution

I have to implement a VoIP solution for a new facility which will house 150 users. If I use Cisco's solution, what do I need to get. Basically, I am trying to come up with a shopping list to implement Cisco's VoIP solution.Thanks,Mohamad

hi! Is it possible to enable password for outgoing international number on a paticular ip phone only and the user is still able to call local number without passcode? If yes how can that be done?recently, we've issue our call attendant number (the co...

dave dave by Beginner
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Guys, in the compatability matrix for CUCM v8 it shows the minimum supported IOS for the 2800 voice gateway is 15.1... Is this correct, so v 12.4 will not work with CUCM v8?Is the 15.1 upgrade free to download or are new licenses required?Many thanks

rays by Beginner
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Guys, i am upgrading from version 4.1.3 to version 8.. My plan was to upgrade to version 7.1.3, import customers DB and then upgrade to 8. The problem is the new hardware has arrived with version 8 pre installed. What is the best option to me now?Can...

rays by Beginner
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