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I have 2 CUPC users. When 1 of them updates the contact list it happens immediately. When the other one does it, they have to logout/login. If I login on a different PC, then problem still happens so appears to follow the CUPC user. I can't see any d...

billybjo1 by Participant
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We use ccm 6.1.1 and Berbee Informacast 5.1.1 I upgraded from Informacast 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 and now the browser window does not come up. The ports that informacast uses are unlocked. Is there any service that could be causing this not to open like it sh...

Mojo1 by Beginner
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We have synchronized Unified CallManager 6.1 to Microsoft LDAP. We have also enabled authentication to the LDAP. We have the "one button login" featured enable for the IP Phone Agent; CCX 5.0(2) SR1. We have noticed the following behavior:1- Use...

Hi ALL:I am having issue with Avaya phone:All the phones are in vlan 7 when i am connecting a pc to vlan 7 and pinging the avaya phone no drop.but when i am pinging the avaya phone from the switch L2 and L3 there is a drop any idea why ?

vishwancc by Participant
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I am trying to install 7965 phones on CM version 4.1(3)sr5b. I added the firmware to the TFTP directory but I don't see an option under Device Defaults to for a Cisco 7965 or 7945 phone. Also, when adding a phone I don't see Phone type* 7965 or 7945...

mcdonovan by Beginner
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Hello,Lets say I have following:Gatekeeper A - GK-AGatekeeper B - GK-BEndpoint 1:Registers with GK-AE.164: 1000Endpoint 2:Registers with GK-AE.164: 1001Endpoint 3:Registers with GK-BE.164: 1001Endpoint 4:Registers with GK-BE.164: 1002On GK-A there is...

tboynton by Beginner
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Hello people,Recently, I posted a message asking if it was possible to create a dial-peer without specifying a port that works. I just created this inbound/outbound dial-peer and all my calls failed :dial-peer voice 555774204 pots application did_for...