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I am running CCM 4.2. I have a facility that uses a 2820 (h323) for outbound cals through a T1. When calls are placed, the router sees the call but it takes 10 seconds before the call rings out. During this time the IP phone says "call proceed. This ...

ahab by Beginner
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Does anyone have experience with configuring a single fixed audio source (live stream? The guide is not intuitive enough and currently all users have is silence when placed on hold. The stream is a radio station (company owned). We also cannot tell...

rudyfaber by Beginner
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Hi,We need to telnet to one of the phones to monitor some traffic but we can't telnet to it (, whenever we try we get the response:C:\>telnet To not open connection to the host, on port 23:Conn...

Hi,I am having a problem with B-ACD Moh. What happens....when i call in, i get the CUE-AA (thanks for callinn....press 2 for Customer Service) when i press 2 it goes to the B-ACD hunt group and listed extentions ring 1 after another. if no one picks ...

Hello,I planning to have 10 digit extensions in CUCM I want the users to be able to dial both 10 digit or just last 4 digits of their numbers to call each other? How can this be done, since all the translation rules refer to external calling and not ...

FAX's connected to VG224 receive line error on incoming FAX's. Outbouond FAX's complete successfully. This is an MGCP gateway I will include the MGCP config in this postccm-manager fallback-mgcp ccm-manager redundant-host "Call Manager Publisher"cc...

mgrimes by Beginner
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Does anyone know if Unity 5x has the same or similar type of demo license that 4x has?I have 4x in my lab that has always just used the license that came with the bundle (10 subscribers and 2 ports). This box is a Cisco MCS box we purchased for the ...