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Hi,As per the title, we have an issue with phones failing to register if they leave the network due to their location (then return) or rebooting.  What I see as strange is that other phones that have remained in the network are fine.The defective pho...

NPM by Beginner
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I know this is a very tired topic on this board, but we have yet another question regarding converting a number of Cisco 8861 phones from Enterprise to 3PCC. We intend to use a third-party for service (Ring Central). After researching, we identified ...

MAVEN1 by Beginner
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I have a question. Can Cisco call guest automatically?For example, I have 50 VIPs that I would like to invite to an event. Can I have Cisco call them and tell them there is an event (event details) and then ask them if they would like to attend, plea...

Hi,Hope everyone is doing well,can you anyone please help me. I have a problem with CUCM_SUB I can give a bit brief so you can understand very well. In our company, we have two physical CUCM.CUCM-PUBCUCM-SUB both are running well & good but still, on...