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Phone system is CUCM. We're having issues where almost every Cisco 8851 at a location (approximately 30 phones) becomes laggy over time. If a phone is on for around a month, the phone will start experiencing a long delay on offhook dialing, picking u...

I plug my 8831 into a poe switch and all the phone does is the green leds come on for a few secs and nothing else, detached keypad unit doesnt do anything either.

VRRyan by Beginner
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Hello, dear Cisco community,I have a 7961G IP phone that runs SCCP firmware. When I try to upgrade it individually using TFTP, the upgrade progress bar appears and disappears, and it keeps repeating in that state. The firmware that I am using is cmte...

zhir by Beginner
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Hi all,I am new to Cisco IP Telephony.Can someone guide me how to check the version of call manager running in my router?I have a couple of 7940 phones which are not taking config from the call manager and I'm not sure whether their firmware is compa...

imrannmdc by Beginner
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Hi Team,I am working in a upgrade and as part of the upgrade process , I want to install the "ciscocm.enable-sha512sum-2021-signing-key-v1.0.cop.sgn".Our version is and I have to load the COP file to run the pre-upgrade check The file ...

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