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UCCX integration with CME

Hello everybody, I have been for the last two days stuck with this issue and I would need some fresh ideas to solve this problem, or at least I would like to know if it is the "correct" behaviour or not.

We configured extension mobility on our CME and it worked well: the screen refreshed automatically when the user logged in or logged out,
with its user profile.

Then we integrated the CME with a UCCX, and when we tried to configure the UCCX login service on CME we overwrote the "url authentication" command from extension mobility. It seems it is impossible to have both CME EM and UCCX login "url authentication" commands on the CME configuration at the same time.

For EM:

url authentication http://<IP>/CCMCIP/authenticate.asp mobility <password>

For UCCX login:

url services http://<IP>:6293/ipphone/jsp/sciphonexml/IPAgentInitial.jsp

url authentication http://<IP>:6293/ipphone/jsp/sciphonexml/IPAgentAuthenticate.jsp


Now extension mobility still works, but with a strange behaviour: the login/logout screens on the phone don't close properly (they don´t refresh). You can close them manually by hitting Exit a several times.

My questions are:

Has anyone faced this issue?
Do you have a valid configuration of a CME integrated with UCCX, and with Extension Mobility configured?
Is it possible to have two "url authentication" commands on the CME configuration?

Thank you for your help,


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