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Hi,cisco NAM 5.0 has feature for csv file export. With this feature historical data can be retrieved.Suppose I export the data using NAM GUI, and provide date and time for the past, say 10 days back or so. Is it possible that I get data from 10 days ...

Hi,I want to collect Metrics from Cisco NAM 5.0. The NAM version 5.0 has NBI, where REST and NDE services are provided. Is it possible to get all Metrices exported by NAM using REST service interface?or, NDE?

Hallo,i have many processes which names are only numbers,what processes are these and how i can delete them ?regardsAlexProcessName ProcessState ProcessId ProcessRC ProcessSigNo ProcessStartTime ProcessStopTime 1.1018Never started000N/ANot applicabl...

patrias by Level 1
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With the deprecation of Old-Cisco-Chassis-MIB, the alternative mib namely Entity-MIB does provide information about the card module attributes. Whereas to get the Card Operational status, the Cisco-Entity-FRU-CTRL-MIB provides a mib attribute, cefcMo...

Hello.I have installed LMS 4.1 on our server. Now it has worked fine for almost a month, but now I have a strange problem.At the top of the page indicates the number of program errors or syslog. The problem is that the number is constant and does not...

jenssk by Level 1
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On my Catalyst 3560G-48TS, I've noticed that after upgrading IOS to version 12.2(58)SE1 it was no longer able to populate with data the IP-MIB::ip.ipRouteTable sub-tree. So, every time I try sending the following SNMP request (from Debian host) to th...

objectives.  we have none cisco Access point and of course those not manged by CW. however there MAC-address are on mac table since they are attached to the switches. so instead of I am writing writing a script to pull all mactables from the switches...