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Prime Infrastructure 3.10.2 and Device Pack 1

Hi, I made upgrade PI from 3.10 update 1 with Device pack 1 to 3.10.1 and later to final 3.10.2. I saw the release notes:

stayd by Beginner
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Recommended GRPC collector

Hi Everyone,I'm interested in streaming telemetry using GRPC to our organization's ELK environment.Can you share with me the recommended GRPC Collector - I saw a couple of solutions such as1. Pipeline2. Telegraf3. pmacct4. nifiI appreciate any help y...

MosheIT by Beginner
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Resolved! DNS used with DHCP for Local Nodes

I have a specific lab that uses a DNS & DHCP server.On the DNS server, i have entered a few websites & a few computer IP address (PC0 =, PC1 =, etc.).Fairly straight forward when IP address are static. When using a DHCP for ...

Ping from PC-A to PC-C

I'm configuring the OSPF network, and I got some problems.In the picture file given, the PC-A could ping the R3 using the, but it could not ping the network (, and vice versa.  May I know what is happening on these networks? T...

Louis Lee by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrade cisco prime 3.4 to 3.7

Dear Team ; i'm looking for any experience , upgrading PI3.4 to PI 3.7 (Physical Appliance)what the best recommendation to do it , it's the first time that i do itanyone here has done this upgrade , any suggestion Thanks in advance

Nadia Bbz by Beginner
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Resolved! EEM regexp exclude word

hi, please tell me two points: 1. I want to exclude a word in eem via regexp, for example there is a line:sh run | i hostname hostname test-routeri need to select everything except "hostname" and "router"doing so:action 112 regexp "(!?hostname|-route...

fractal90 by Participant
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OID VLAN Cisco MDS 9000 Series

Hello,Does anyone knows OID to fetch VLAN data from a Cisco MDS 9000 Series?For example I know the following OID to fetch data from Cisco Catalyst switch (these OID don't work with NX-OS):VLANIndex - . - .

Switch PBR working is not normal.

Hello Professionals,I have unexpected issue when applying PBR with my Cisco switch, but don't understand why this happened.First things First,   - Switch: C9300L-48P-4G-E   - Version: 16.12.4   - Image: CAT9K_IOSXEI have PBR policy and it applied to ...

eeebbunee by Beginner
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Resolved! PKA ping problem

I uploaded my pka file in zip here: tried to ping from the bottom right corner (KV_szerver) to the top left corner (E_PC), and it does not work properly. I think there is some problem o...