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Server discovery

HiAnyone know how does cisco works able to identify the servers out from the discovery of the end hosts? Example I able to identify it as server instead of end hosts.Thanks

kenglim84 by Beginner
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Resolved! Data Extraction LMS 2.6

I am trying to figure out why IfAlias is not included in the output from the RME CLI Framework. I am currently calling it with the following example: cwcli export inventory -view \"/RME@enmcisco01 - Domestic/All Devices\. I would expect to see it in ...

LMS 3.1 Hum 1.1

I have upgrade to HUM 1.1 and now my reports are not returning with collected data.quick reports are fine, but my monthly reports only contain information up to the upgrade and nothing after.And one ssen this issue ?Thanks

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Resolved! netconfig devicefile invalid argument

Hi,I use LMS 3.1I run exactly the same command but I get th following message:cwcli netconfig createjob -u admin -p password -devicefile /opt/CSCOpx/bin/test.list -commandfile command.file -policyfile -description "cwcli netconfig job" -mod...

WAN Problem

Hi all,My Network consists of four remote locations connected via LL.In all locatios (includinge main location) we are using one http based application. All application servers are kept in Main location.The problem that I face is that, from remote lo...

jestin.vj by Beginner
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How to change the Display Name in LMS2.5

I discovered Network with disable DNS, so all devices are appeared by IP address, after that I enable DNS and I test nslookup and It's working fine after that, I run discovery again but the devices in DCR are still appear by IP address, How can I cha...

oalvi by Beginner
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Router Serie 12000 SNMP Problems

After a electric problem in our office both router cisco 12006 reboot. I monitorized both equipoment using MRTG and this OID are now no response. The SNMP and anccess list is well configurated. I can graph the traffic in each interface but for this v...