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Hi There, I have a network for a plant - SCADA network, we use about 10 SW for this network and now the plant system was tripe in some time. we not sure what is the problem but when checking log in one SW we suspect, I found port 0/15 show log as bel...

This is after deleting the previously stored key from/home/myid/.ssh/known_hosts.debug1: sending SSH2_MSG_KEXDH_INITdebug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEXDH_REPLYdebug3: check_host_in_hostfile: filename /home/myid/.ssh/known_hostsdebug3: check_host_in_hostfi...

yjdabear by VIP Alumni
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ethanalyzer local interface inbound-low display-filter ip.addr==IP_OF_SCP_SERVER write boothflash:inbound_low.pcapethanalyzer local interface inbound-hi display-filter ip.addr==IP_OF_SCP_SERVER write boothflash:inbound_hi.pcapHow do I turn it off?

mlenco by Level 1
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HI, Im hoping I can call upon the collective power of the community! Firstly, I apologise for how the question is posed, i hope i can make myself clear! I am completing a Disaster Recovery report / design for a module, specifically focused on Network...

Navy_Dave by Level 1
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Hello, I have an physical analyzer-device which collects the mirrored datatraffic in my network and analyzes it.The analyzer is connected to my coreswitch from which i want to read the data traffic via SPAN.But I also want to send the data traffic of...

TobiW.94 by Level 1
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Hi! we have a class project to design a network and alot departments on their own vlans.As of the moment we have successfully configured VTP and trunking. We are now experiencing errors on our DHCP where in we have encountered a message "dhcp failed ...

Cent19 by Level 1
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